The Vision & Our Mission

The Vision

BethelLife Church exists to support people to encounter God, embrace freedom, and make a difference.
This is the summary of the church that we see.

We see a church:
  • That is formed from different backgrounds, social statuses, raised through encounters with the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for personal and societal transformation.
  • That is healing the sick, that is proclaiming deliverance to the oppressed, that is extending the unfailing love and hope of Jesus to the hopeless for the present, and future, that is instrumental to rebuilding broken homes and lives, that embraces and proclaims freedom to the addicted through encounters with the power of the gospel.
  • That shares the love of Jesus Christ freely and purposely to win the lost, that is open to warm fellowship with one another, where there is vibrant worship culture, passionate discipleship drive, where there is mutual support for one another in different seasons of life so that each part can say of that church to be ‘my church’.
  • That is equipped by God to serve as a catalytic agent in solving the problems of the nation.
  • That is relevant to establishing the Kingdom of God on earth beginning with her immediate community to the nation and other parts of the world by equipping the believers with the Good News of the Kingdom. We see a church that is relevant to the emancipation of persons with undeniable influence.
  • This church is a people that God is raising for His Kingdom purpose and shall be, by God’s grace, BethelLife Church.